Frankie Avalon’s Christmas Album

The period from 1955 to 1964 is a weird one in American music.

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Christmas With Arthur Godfrey and All The Little Godfreys

One of the most wonderful things about listening to the very earliest attempts at Christmas albums is to see a genre take form. Take radio personality Arthur Godfrey.

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Christmas in Hong Kong with Kong Ling

Christmas in Hong Kong with Kong Ling

It is the eternal fate of a vocal album, for better or for worse, that it will be judged mainly by the quality of its vocals.

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Jerry Barnes – The New Born King

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine an album being released a different year than it came out, because it’s so much of its time.

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Pia Raug & Steve Dobrogosz – Ind Under Jul

Pia Raug is a sensitive, warm Danish folk singer-songwriter, rooted in a thoroughly american-inspired 1970s tradition that approaches blues, country and pop with as much reverence

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André Claveau – Noël avec André Claveau

For two genres of music that have shared so much history, going back to the middle ages, the Christmas carol and the French chanson have diverged onto quite different paths in the

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Chet Atkins – Christmas with Chet Atkins

As long as there have been Christmas records, there have been solo instrumental Christmas records.

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Melveen Leed – Christmas with Melveen

A young, talented country music singer – from an island where country was something you mostly heard on the radio – way outside her usual style.

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Frank Sinatra – A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra

There are certain contemporary traditions in which the 23rd of December is a day for airings of grievances.

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Peggy Lee – Christmas Carousel

One of the fantastic things about that golden period in the early sixties, when so many of history’s great Christmas records were released, is that so many truly sophisticate

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