The Singers Unlimited – Christmas

The Singers Unlimited – Christmas

You can tell by the cover that Christmas by The Singers Unlimited is no ordinary Christmas album.

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James Brown – A Soulful Christmas

James Brown – A Soulful Christmas

When James Brown opens his A Soulful Christmas album with the phrase “Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto”, it might come off as a novelty, as a joke, but he is dead

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Peter Schreier - Bach: Weihnachts-Oratorium

Peter Schreier – Bach: Weihnachts-Oratorium

Peter Schreier, tenor extraordinaire and one of the greatest singing interpreters of Bach of the 20th century, passed away on Christmas day last year. A date.

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Christmas and Crisis

With a global pandemic that keeps us at a distance from each other, this year will certainly be a different Christmas.

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Otis Gibbs - Once I Dreamed of Christmas

Otis Gibbs – Once I Dreamed of Christmas

To some extent, nearly all of the classic Tin Pan Alley Christmas songs are about escape.

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The Top 10 Christmas Albums of 2019

Our annual roundup of the best tracks of the year is back! Finding the top 10 Christmas albums of 2019 was certainly less difficult than last time – this year has had a breadth of

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Angela Morley, her Orchestra and Chorus – Christmas by the Fireside

Angela Morley, her Orchestra and Chorus – Christmas by the Fireside

For decades, as late as the sixties and in some cases the seventies, the most popular radio stations in both the US and UK were dedicated to a genre that is practically unheard tod

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Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii – Christmas Time

By 1978, the Hawaiʻian folk revival was slowly losing the immense, culturally impactful steam it had half a decade earlier.

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Kate and Anna McGarrigle – The McGarrigle Christmas Hour

In the late 19th century, before radios and phonographs became ubiquitous, the music industry was dominated by sheet music publishers. There were two ways to hear new music.

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Jessye Norman – Christmastide

The late, great Jessye Norman, who passed away in September this year at the age of 74, is far from the only opera singer to release a Christmas album.

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