Otis Gibbs - Once I Dreamed of Christmas

Otis Gibbs – Once I Dreamed of Christmas

To some extent, nearly all of the classic Tin Pan Alley Christmas songs are about escape.

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Angela Morley, her Orchestra and Chorus – Christmas by the Fireside

Angela Morley, her Orchestra and Chorus – Christmas by the Fireside

For decades, as late as the sixties and in some cases the seventies, the most popular radio stations in both the US and UK were dedicated to a genre that is practically unheard tod

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Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii – Christmas Time

By 1978, the Hawaiʻian folk revival was slowly losing the immense, culturally impactful steam it had half a decade earlier.

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Kate and Anna McGarrigle – The McGarrigle Christmas Hour

In the late 19th century, before radios and phonographs became ubiquitous, the music industry was dominated by sheet music publishers. There were two ways to hear new music.

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Jessye Norman – Christmastide

The late, great Jessye Norman, who passed away in September this year at the age of 74, is far from the only opera singer to release a Christmas album.

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Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs

Charles Brown – Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs

Bells will be ringing at the start of Charles Brown’s soulful Sings Christmas Songs album. What follows is an unhurried collection of non-standard R&B Christmas tunes.

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Jerry Barnes – The New Born King

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine an album being released a different year than it came out, because it’s so much of its time.

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Pia Raug & Steve Dobrogosz – Ind Under Jul

Pia Raug is a sensitive, warm Danish folk singer-songwriter, rooted in a thoroughly american-inspired 1970s tradition that approaches blues, country and pop with as much reverence

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Pierre Cochereau – Improvise sur des Noëls

Whether strolling around stores or on your local seasonal radio station, it’s very likely that you’ll have heard easy listening Christmas music.

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Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that the true golden age for Christmas records in the United States was the early 1960s.

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