Seoul Wanderer – Christmas Carols

Christmas albums are, for the most part, one-offs, and one particular effect of this is that they rarely ever get truly tight.

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Top 10 Christmas albums of 2022

The Top 10 Christmas Albums of 2022

The Christmas record trend seems to never ebb out, and just goes from strength to strength.

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Fruitcake – Eraserheads

Eraserheads – Fruitcake

Every Christmas album is, in a way, a concept album. But, conversely, we rarely see any of them that venture far beyond the connotations offered by Christmas itself.

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Maryknoll Normal College exhibition of Christmas trees, Manila, Philippines, 1930s, University of Southern California Library

Globalised Christmas and Seasonal Hotspots

Something interesting has happened in the past year when searching for almost any Christmas standard on a streaming platform.

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Christmas With Arthur Godfrey and All The Little Godfreys

One of the most wonderful things about listening to the very earliest attempts at Christmas albums is to see a genre take form. Take radio personality Arthur Godfrey.

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The Top 10 Christmas Albums of 2021

As the pandemic which dictates the bounds of our daily life entered its second year, it felt like even Christmas music was deflation.

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Heavy Christmas

Heavy Christmas

There’s a fascinating parallel between how traditional Tin Pan Alley pop, on the one hand, and prog rock, on the other, is treated by mainstream music journalism.

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Rotary Connection – Peace

Rotary Connection – Peace

You’d hardly expect a hip, critically lauded psychedelic rock band of the late sixties to release a Christmas album.

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Elvis Presley – Elvis' Christmas Album

Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Christmas Album

Perhaps the most unique feature of the rock‘n’roll revolution in the mid-fifties is its cross-market singularity.

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Babies at a maternity ward at Christmas

A Child’s First Christmas, Or: How Do We Really Understand Music?

I know, of course, that it’s another year of crisis and that Christmas will continue to be indelibly different this year.

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